Saturday, July 17, 2010

Oh how I love Cheese!!!

  I love trying new foods and love to experiment with baking and cooking.  I am the first to admit that a lot of the times it does not turn out the way that it should, but as long as its still edible that's all I care about.  The worst thing is to have a hungry husband and kids and nothing to feed them.  No matter if its for a main meal or it was just a snack.

Kraft Dinner (Mac and Cheese) seems  to be a big hit for a lot of children. I hesitate to say all as I know first hand how picky kids can be and there have to be some out there that do not like it.  In my household though my children love it and all the variations I add to it.  By variations I mean Ive added tuna, salmon, frozen vegetables, eggs, spinach.  You name it I have tried to add it in for the kids.  I figure the more I expose them to the better off they will be with different foods, but it also helps to make the packaged Kraft Dinner a little bit healthier.

About a year ago I was searching around for a Mac and Cheese recipe I could make for a get together  I was having. I began searching online and found one on YouTube of all places.  I loved that I was able to watch them make it and it had a lot of reviews from regular people that tried it out!  I have to say not all the reviews were good, but that's what I loved.  I start to wonder when I see all positive reviews as I know I've flopped my share of recipe's and think there always has to be others like me out there :-) (of course at that time I would not have admitted it was me that made the mistake, but the recipe itself was at fault )

I have since made this recipe for my eldest daughters birthday party, pot lucks and many many times at home with fabulous reviews all the time.  I prefer it when it comes right of the oven, rather then as left overs.  I find the cheese consistency does change after its been refrigerated.  However, the kids do not seem to agree so the left overs come in handy!!

I give it two thumbs up and  its a definite favorite of mine to make.  Try it out and let me know what you think!!

My Favourite Mac and Cheese!

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