Sunday, July 11, 2010

Movies and Me Time!

Since having children I have not had the chance or the time to watch a lot of movies, let alone go and watch them in a theater.  As my girls are going to be turning 2 and 4 this year they are becoming more independent which enables me to have some more time for myself.  Having time for myself and making time for myself are two different things.  Though I have decided to be the best mom and wife for my family I have to make sure I do not forget who I am a woman and have to make sure to take this time for myself.  (Yes, I know this is easier said then done!!)

This week I took some me time and went to see two movies with two different friends.  I won some tickets to see the advance screening of The Sorcerer`s Apprentice.  I had seen some brief advertisements for this movie, but never really payed attention to them.  I knew the movie was by Disney and assumed by that it was a movie  for children and was hoping that it would be decent.  This movie though more then met my expectations; it had decent special effects, decent humor and overall was a great movie!  It is a bit too old for my children, but would be suitable if you have older children.  It comes out in theaters this week so I recommend everyone to go and see it!

Last night I went to see Eclipse.  This was my second time seeing it and thought it was the best of the series to date.  Majority of the reviews I have read have agreed with me no matter if the were a Twilight fans or not.  Last night though I went to experience Eclipse in a new theater concept for Canada.  Cineplex Entertainment has two theaters in Canada that are UltraAVX and they will be developing more across Canada by the end of the year.  I have to say this theater experience made the movie soooo much better.  The seats were very comfortable and spacious and the isles had room, so that when you were walking you did not have to worry about stepping on anyone's feet.

I bought our tickets in advance and got to pick our seats at that moment which is perfect for anyone, especially if your running late due to your children you don`t have to stress to be there early for seats as you know in advance where you will be sitting!  This was great as we got there in enough time to buy our snacks, walk in and sit down and know you have the best seats possible! The screen was huge and my friend and I even commented that it seemed more graphic then at the regular theater.  Truly for only a few dollars more you get the ultimate movie experience.  If you like in Calgary area or Etobicoke area I would definitely recommend checking out your next movie in UltraAVX!  You WILL NOT be let down!

Both my friend and I both said this will be our new theater to go to until we get one closer to home!  It is worth the drive to see it in UltraAVX! 

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Acting Balanced Mom said...

found you on fancy meeting you! my daughter is the movie buff in our family and my husband usually takes her... or she goes with friends now that she's 12... my indulgence is locking myself in a room with a good book ;)
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RenderMeMama said...

I haven't been to the movies in forever either! It seems like such a simple pleasure when you haven't been in a long time doesn't it?

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Wow Eclipse I thought was awesome that Jacob is ohhh so hottt!!


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The Sorcerer's Apprentice said...

Thanks you for reviews ! I also think that it is very good kid film..My kid love it..