Friday, October 24, 2014

Book Review and Giveaway: The Tantalizing Tale of a Bitter Sweetheart - Champagne Wishes and Cupcake Dreams by Jessica Ashley Dafoe

Successful, lucky in love, taking the world by storm?.....not quite. Portia Delaney is down on her luck, disgruntled in a deadend, mind- numbing career with little prospects and is not even close to finding a stimulating romance to take her mind off her lack-luster situation. Her defeatist attitude and unmistakable idiosyncrasies don't help much either. But with rock bottom comes a choice, lie down and enjoy the cold and barren ground beneath, or climb that ladder of success to the top. Portia finally sets out to do just that. With a fantastic group of friends and a bit of fateful circumstance on her side, she begins her trek up and out of the despair filled trenches. But Portia soon finds out that with success, often comes hardships and unwelcome competition.
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Jessica Ashley Dafoe resides in Toronto where she is an educator by day and a literary enthusiast and writer by night. She attained her BA in English Literature at The University of Ottawa and her B Ed at Brock and Queen’s University. 

When Jessica does not have her nose in a book or is not scribbling out her ideas for her newest tantalizing tales, she's most likely keeping busy trying out various exciting activities and delicious cuisine that the great city of Toronto has to offer or planning her next getaway to her immediate destination of choice. The travelling bug bites her often.

 A romantic comedy addict to the core, she enjoys all things silly, frivolous and emotionally endearing which is the reason she writes stories that encompass all of these qualities. 

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Review:    I am not a very fashion forward person and have never traveled to Europe, but figured that I would be able to relate to most of the story.  I enjoyed her characters exploration and self evolution.  I am also currently partaking on a similar journey (just not in fashion).  I loved the character of Nina and would embrace her as a friend too!  I liked how so many different women with such different backgrounds and interests were such a close knit group of gals.  I also could relate to the sad reality of one of the girls (Angelica) going sour and her life falling to pieces.  I think this book was well written and other then the errors in formatting (I am not certain it isn't simply the ebook translator or ereader I am using).  It would be a delightful read to anyone looking for a book on new beginnings.  I give this book a 3.5 out of 5.

Views expressed are those of Two Children and a Migraine and have not been influenced in anyway.  A review copy was supplied for review purposes and no compensation was received for this post.

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