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Tima Maria Lacoba Interviews Alec Munro! #DantonvilleLegacy

Those who have read the first two books in my Dantonville Legacy series—Bloodgifted and Bloodpledge—have asked me to try and get an interview with the delectable Alec Munro, Princeps of the Brethren in Sydney. So I put out a call to my Dantonville Street Team, and asked them to come up with some questions for the good doctor—I needed ten.
They supplied me with so many it was hard to choose between them, and I ended up with eleven.
Here’s the interview:

My readers are interested in learning more about you Alec, and they’ve sent me a list of questions. Mind if I ask them?
(Alec smiles broadly. We’re in his apartment, and he’s lounging on the sofa holding a cup of espresso.) Ask away!

1. Apart from Laura, what is your favourite blood type?
I have no particular preference in blood, although each type has its own flavour. But if given the choice, I'd say O positive.

2. Is that Laura's blood type?
No. Hers is unclassified. That's what makes her blood especially unique—and tasty. (He gives me a wink and sips his coffee.)

3. Do you think vampires should go public?
I don't believe the human world is ready for such a revelation—it would only cause panic. We also have our own laws and parameters. Were we to "come out" there'd be the danger we could be forced to submit to human laws, and that simply wouldn't work. The less humanity knows of us, the better.

4. Looking ahead several hundred years, what do you think the future of the Principate might be?
(He stares out the window at the panorama of Sydney Harbour.) Good question. I hope to maintain it indefinitely. Without the boundaries imposed by the Principate, certain rogue elements among my kind would use it to indulge their—(he pauses and looks at me)—wilder side. That can't be allowed to happen. You of all people know the Principate must survive. 

I nod and ask the next question.

5. What are your thoughts on human-vampire relationships?
So long as both parties are consenting, I have no problem with it. Most Brethren have human lovers, who are also their donsangs—willing blood givers. It works well. 

6. Favourite cinematic vampire - Robert Pattinson or Christopher Lee?
(He rolls his eyes) Next question. (Oh, c'mon, I prompt.) Ok, for you—perhaps Christopher Lee would come the closest to some I know. But that other one, the sparkly one … (he laughs and waves his hand.) Next question.

7. What's your favourite pastime when you're not trying to protect the woman you love? 
Protecting Laura’s a full time occupation. All of my kind long to possess her, so you might say she is my pastime, especially our … private times together. (A mischievous smile lights his face.) 

8. All the vampire stories and books suggest a your kind has an innate instinct to kill and enjoy it, like a predator. Is that true? Is it hard to stop feeding from a human before you've taken too much?
Yes, it's true, about the hunting instinct, but that doesn't mean it can't be controlled. (He leans forward and stares at me). We were all human once and that remains, in varying degrees, in all of us and must never be allowed to die. We don't need to kill in order to satisfy our hunger—only juveniles who are still learning to control their craving find it difficult to stop, and then make themselves sick. For a mature vampire to do so (he grimaces) is an act of bastardry! 

9. Name three qualities a woman must have to catch your attention?
(He raises his eyebrows, then smiles) Laura's already caught mine. Next.

10. Are there certain qualities a human must possess to be worthy of being turned into a vampire by you?
Ah, now there's an interesting one! Personally, I wouldn't want to turn anyone. Living in the darkness is hard enough, without having to deal with the craving for human blood. It is a struggle. Weaker natures give in too easily and should never be given the choice—they become the rogues I end up having to dispose off. If, and I emphasis the word, I had to turn someone, they would have to be of a noble character with a high regard for humanity. 

11. Seeing as you've travelled around the world, where is your favourite place?
Sydney. It's home for me. 
Now if that's it (he finishes his coffee and rises from the chair), I've got work to do.

Thank you, Alec.

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