Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Check Out Tax Cut By Michele Lynn Seigfried

Later on today Two Children and a Migraine will have a review up for the new book by Michele Lynn Seigfried.  Check out below for an Excerpt of Tax Cut.

I sat down and booted up my computer. I took a sip of my coffee and suddenly heard laughing. “Who’s laughing?” I asked Bryce.
“I don’t know, sounds like a party in the next office.”
“I guess we weren’t invited!”
I heard some hooting and hollering.
“Geez,” Bryce said. “Sounds like a bunch of animals.”
I tried to ignore the noise, and I turned my attention to my computer, which finally seemed to come alive. I went to click on the mail icon, when suddenly, a box opened up. Much to my shock, it was a video of Winifred, in all her wrinkled glory, doing some weird shimmy, sans clothing. I heard Bonnie screaming from the next office over. “Ah! My eyes! My eyes! I can’t watch this!”
It was like watching a train wreck. I couldn’t take my eyes off the computer, watching the horrific scene unfolding before my eyes. Winifred grabbed a scarf and ran it back and forth between her legs. I made a face and said, “Eww!” I heard Bryce say, “What the heck?” Then I heard him laughing hysterically.
Bonnie came busting into my office. “I’m scarred for life!” she exclaimed. “How the heck did that video get in here?”
I turned my head slowly to look at Bonnie.
“Nero,” we both said at the same time.
“Do you really think he did this?” Bonnie asked.
“I know he did,” I said.
“There’s got to be something illegal about this. Are you going to tell on him?”
“Why the heck not? This is your chance to get rid of him for a while. All he does is harass you.”
“I think I’d like to keep Nero around for a little while longer.”
“I know,” I said with a roll of my eyes. “But what choice do I have? He’s an expert with computers; you can see what he did with this video. I can only hope he can catch Marc doing something as well.”
“And if he does? How is that going to hold up in court? I think videotaping someone without their knowledge is illegal or at least getting them on audio without their knowledge is. I’m not sure.”
“I haven’t exactly figured all of that out yet.”
Bonnie gave me a look.
“Trust me,” I said to her.
“Ooookaaayyy,” she said with a raised eyebrow.
We both glanced back at my computer. Someone else was entering the picture…a man…shaking his manhood like he had someone to impress.
“Ugh! That’s freaking gross…that’s John Paparazzo!” Bonnie declared. “Ah! This is a scarier rendition of Sigmund and the Sea Monster!”

Be sure to check out the review later today!!

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Michele Lynn Seigfried said...

Thank you so much for hosting me on your blog today! I can't wait to hear what you thought of Tax Cut!