Monday, November 29, 2010

Movie Review: Tangled

As the girls are getting older we have recently started watching more movies at home. This has been more of a trial run as to how content my two year old would be staying still for that long. Surprisingly, she had been doing really well and we had decided that it was about time to take them to the theater. You can imagine I was more then thrilled when I had been contacted about doing a review for Disney's new movie Tangled.

Tangled is based on Disney's take on the classic tale that many of us know from when we were young. I found when I mentioned to friends I was going see the new Disney's princess movie, a lot of people said they were not familiar with her. However, once I said the line "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair" everyone remembered the fairy tale from their childhood.

The movie starts off with Disney's version of how Rapunzel became trapped in the tower in the middle of no where. The Queen has fallen ill during child birth and in order to save the Queen and his unborn child the King sends his men to look for this flower that has been hidden, that stories tell can heal any sickness. The problem is that the flower had been hidden by an evil women who was using its powers to stay young.

The Kings men were able to get the flower and it saved the Queen and their baby, though like the flower, Rapunzel, was born with the healing power and it is all in her golden hair. This of course makes the evil women want her for her very own. Which she achieves once she steals Rapunzel from the nursery and raises her as her own.

Rapunzel's story is one that parents and children will equally love. This is not your typical princess we are dealing with and not the typical love story. Rapunzel is able to take care of herself, (I love the frying pan!!!) yet at the same time she does still need some rescuing. As for the love between Rapunzel and Flynn it is one that evolves over time in result to the two working together for a common goal.

We saw the movie in 3D animation and there was both good and bad aspects of this. My youngest, who is two, refused to put the glasses on and my eldest, who is four, was scared of the movie for the first bit. She decided halfway through the movie not to wear the glasses anymore and then she was content to watch the movie and not as scared. However, she still stayed in her daddy's lap for the duration of the movie. :-)

I thought the 3D aspects were neat and loved some of the effects with parts of the movie coming out at you. Though, I do not think it was something my little ones would have needed, to them the movie was real as it is and they don't need to feel anymore involved in it. Though for parents that have older children this would have been great for them.

I would definitely recommend for everyone to check out Tangled while it is in theaters as you need to fully appreciate the beauty of the work that Disney has created. Though I do have to warn if you if your at all like me you may shed a tear in front of your children.:-)

I have also read through various media lines that this will be the last Princess movie that Disney will be putting out for now. I truly hope this will not be the last that I see in my lifetime, but in any case Disney, as always you made a fabulous movie that the whole family can enjoy.


Sean Grey Hanson said...

Such a very impressive film ever!!!
[speechless -_-...]

Miriam said...

I can't wait to show my 4 year old this show, she's gonna LOVE it! I'm following you from Welcme Wednesday. Please follow me back at Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

Jenn at Sweet T Makes Three said...

I hope it's not their last too. Though they have just about run our of princesses! New follower from welcome Wednesday.

Tangled said...

Great review! I gotto tell you - I don't really like wearing these silly glasses either (in any case, I make sure I sanitize them for the kids, especially). I watched this not on 3D and really enjoyed it. I also liked the she took care of herself and didn't leave everything for prince charming. Still, it was a more "classic Disney" film and I like that a lot. :)